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Welcome to Maryland Goose Patrol

Your best resource for Canada geese control in the Central Chesapeake Bay Area

Maryland Goose Patrol provides an effective, environmentally friendly wildlife management service to safely and humanely rid your property of nuisance resident and migratory Canada geese. Through repetitive canine patrols we direct our trained Border Collies/Kelpies to chase the geese away. If the geese go to water we continue the effort until the geese are gone. This form of goose control, known as harassment or hazing, does not harm the birds, but disturbs them so they leave to forage, roost and nest elsewhere. This technique can also be used to reduce other unwanted bird populations such as coots, ducks or even wild turkeys.  

As no chemicals, traps or harmful techniques are used, Federal or State permits are not required for our work. When geese cannot fly due to injury or are without flight feathers as goslings and during annual molt as adults, canine hazing is curtailed.

Unlike other harassment efforts that fail to scare or keep geese away, geese view the dogs as natural predators and learn to stay clear. The dogs do not bark at the geese, but work like a predator, with stealth, speed and vigilance. Our dogs are always accompanied by a handler and never simply dropped off and left to work on their own.

The most effective strategy to reduce the Canada goose population at your facility is to apply predator pressure through daily canine patrols. If the geese population is heavily engrained, we may initially perform two or three canine patrols a day to disrupt their feeding pattern. As geese that had once been accustomed to calmly foraging on your property realize their feeding site has predators they leave to find safer grounds. We term this period the clearing phase.

When geese flying overhead do not see geese below they stay aloft and continue on to other feeding sites. While some geese may drop in, these newcomers do not have a long-term association with the site and are readily dispersed by our patrols. At this point we enter the maintenance phase and are able to reduce the frequency of patrols. It varies by location and time of year, but maintenance work typically entails three to five canine patrols per week.

How our Canine Patrol Service Works

Rain hazing Canada geese from golf course pond

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Maryland Goose Patrol
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Service Area

We service greater Anne Arundel & Prince George’s counties as well as the District of Columbia. Please call for a no-cost geese hazing demonstration. MGP is friendly, reliable and insured.

Egg Addling Service

MGP also provides a spring-time egg addling and nest removal service to further reduce the resident goose population. Call for details.
Maryland Goose Patrol is an owner-operated nuisance goose control company located in Edgewater, MD. Along with their goose control dog Rain, Eric and Colleen Shannon can help you take back your fairways, ponds, beaches, agricultural fields, parks & lawns,and sidewalks!